Why use a Divorce Coach?

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Article by Tim Martin of 1 Harley Street, member of IDR.

Having worked with the legal fraternity for the past 38 years, I really do have an understanding of how the industry is under pressure with mounting paperwork and protocols. So, how would it feel to have an experienced Divorce coach brief and look after your valued clients?

Right from the triage stage to their first conference with you, assisting them to deal with anger issues, domestic violence or child matters. Post divorce keeping to court orders when the case is concluded.

Whether it be when you are ‘offline’ at weekends, or at times when your ‘duty cover’ is snowed under. It could be as a chaperone at tribunals, waiting in conference rooms in stressful courts, in fear of losing the custody of their children, the house over their heads or losing their financial and emotional freedom.

When the police or social services contact them out of the blue with horrendous, sometimes malicious allegations, or they are arrested and do not know where to turn?

A divorce coach will train your client too look after their security (Phones – emails – what’s apps – PR and documentation. They will be present to advise on dealing with handovers, guide them to obtain specialist advice re child matters – addiction issues or seek other support services when required.

When you are about send out that officious letter from the ‘other side’ and want clients to have their expectations managed.

When it comes to preparing for counsel chambers, gathering the evidence when they lose heart. Briefing them for that stressful final hearing your client is confident and performs appropriately

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