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The financial implications of divorce and the cost should not be underestimated, and can be a significant factor in considering the appropriate way forward.

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Financial planning may be a helpful exercise early on in ensuring both spouses are equally ‘armed’ in terms of legal advice and representation, there is symmetry in proceedings, and fair access to justice is achievable.

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Why would you need Independent Financial Advice

Independent financial advice may be advisable throughout the separation process and financial negotiations and proceedings.

It may be helpful at an early stage in relation to planning for legal and associated costs. It can also be beneficial to seek financial advice at the financial disclosure stage, where clarity on the values of pensions or other assets may need to be independently obtained.

Following disclosure and during solicitor negotiations or mediation, it can assist in formulating alternative financial settlement scenarios covering options on sharing pension benefits or other assets; or, indeed, planning for the cost of a home sale or purchase and the relevant tax implications.

A financial adviser may also assist with the implementation of a final court order once obtained.

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