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Become a member of the IDR Network

Would you like to run your own business, work remotely and have central admin and marketing support?

Do you want the freedom and flexibility of having your own business but with the benefits and credibility of being part of a larger organisation?

Would you like to receive incentives for referring work to other members of IDR and receive referrals yourself?

For a full list of benefits keep reading and for more information on joining IDR complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch shortly to discuss.

Who can join?

Membership of IDR is open to all professional service providers that specialise in the legal and litigation support sector. If you provide a service that isn’t currently listed on our site, we can create a section on the website for your service.

Membership is also open to Solicitors, Legal Executives and Barristers who are interested in benefitting from the services and press opportunities that IDR offers.

Membership Key Benefits

Here is a snapshot of the main benefits of IDR membership;

  • Increased opportunities from other members
  • Reach out to new contacts across the U.K
  • Showcase your skills and services through published content
  • Incentives for introducing existing contacts to other members
  • Centralised marketing, billing and administration support
  • Business advice and support from the network
  • Spend less time on marketing and networking, more time billing
  • Opportunities to speak and present at events
  • Bespoke advertising created for your services
  • Our clerks will manage your enquiries if you are unavailable

Client instructions from your peers

As a member of IDR you will have the opportunity to receive client instructions from other members of the network for the services you provide. We encourage members to introduce clients to other members by offering incentives for doing so (subject to regulatory obligations).

We appreciate that small businesses and sole traders rely heavily on recommendations and cross-referrals, we also understand that you may not always receive any reciprocal work for recommending another business and their services.

At IDR we believe that working together as a team strengthens your position in the market and by supporting each other through collaborative working, the clients we work for will also benefit from having a network of vetted and qualified on demand professional service providers.

Appear in national editorials

Thanks to our in-house PR Agents our members have featured in:

How it works

Each member pays an annual subscription fee to contribute towards the annual marketing spend of the network. By marketing the legal and litigation support services collectively you can achieve far more exposure from your marketing budget.

All members are encouraged to submit content and articles for publication on the website, industry press and mainstream media. IDR has a PR Agency retained to both seek out opportunities and respond to requests from journalists, this is all included in your annual subscription.

For all instructions you receive through the IDR network there is a small administration fee included in the invoice, this covers the central administration costs of IDR.

Onboarding process

When you apply for membership, we ask that you provide references from a previously instructing Solicitor or Barrister in each area of law you wish to offer your services. This is to ensure that our clients receive the most appropriate service provider for their case. If you are looking to expand your service offering into new areas of law, we can help you gain the knowledge and experience to branch out into these new areas.

The next stage of onboarding is to create your professional profile which is sent to potential clients for consideration in their case. We will also update our website to reflect any special or niche services you provide.

The final stage of onboarding is to promote your membership to our network, this is done both internally to the other members and externally on our website and social media. If you can, we will also encourage you to write an article on the service you provide to include in our monthly newsletter with Lexis Nexis and our PR Agency will attempt to place the article with a mainstream media outlet.

Join Us 

If you are interested in joining the IDR Network and benefiting from our established relationships with legal support specialists and beyond, please contact us today and a member of our team will get in touch.

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