Mortgage Advisers

When negotiating housing needs it is important to understand the mortgage capacity of the separating parties

A Network of Mortgage Advice Specialists

Often a free service provided by mortgage brokers, IDR can connect you with the most appropriate mortgage adviser for your situation.

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How we can help with your
Mortgage Advice

Quickly identify which broker(s) would be suitable

Choosing the right mortgage broker for your situation can be difficult, there are many variables to consider such as location, credit history, earning capacity and any other special requirements. With the IDR network we can recommend the most suitable broker relevant to your circumstances.

How it works

Integrated Dispute Resolution does not offer financial brokering services.

An introduction will be made to the most appropriate provider and that provider will then process the application directly with the client/solicitor.

Integrated Dispute Resolution does not receive any fees for this introduction from the provider, client or solicitor.

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Integrated Dispute Resolution (IDR) brings together an unparalleled range of professional legal support services on one platform.

Embracing the concept of ‘client centric’ legal practice we enable lawyers to maximise their clients’ legal budget, minimising the time and costs spent on searching for the most appropriate ancillary services that may be required in the pursuit of the desired outcome in a legal matter.

Based on a Chambers model, the services of each professional member can be sought through a single point of contact through the IDR platform. All of the professional members are vetted and assessed on their abilities to perform services under each distinct area of law in which they wish to support. IDR enables lawyers to make the most effective and efficient use of their time and expertise.

By utilising the platform, lawyers and clients can be confident that they have the strongest possible team working together on their legal matter.

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