When should you use a Divorce Coach?

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Article by Tim Martin of 1 Harley Street, member of IDR.

On meeting legal teams, they often ask at what stage should we access your divorce coaching services? the answer is always ‘at the earliest opportunity’. The earlier the triage session takes place, the more successful the Divorce coaches’ skills and experience can be put into action.

The sooner such delicate issues are dealt with, the sooner the tone of the whole proceedings is set and the better the outcome.

Once the Divorce button has been pushed one or other party will immediately be on the defensive, and will rightly go to protect their status, children, finances, property and/or their own reputation.

It’s at this period that ‘unprepared’ people understandably act emotionally and sometimes irrationally.

A good Divorce coach can assist to manage a client’s apprehension. Show the client appropriate anger management, communication methods to deal with all of the concerns and issues that news of a divorce brings.

The coach  will have worked with the legal team previously, and if not will brief the legal team on how they add value to the teams’ performance .Provide the team with an in-depth knowledge of the techniques that they use .They may introduce  the  network of seasoned professionals they work with,  and an assessment can be made of  particular clients ,–children’s  requirements.

An example of which could be in child cases where handovers are an issue, or maybe some elements of unhealthy behaviours ,addictions or anger issues, which are of a particular concern and need addressing at the earliest opportunity.

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