What is a Divorce Coach?

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Article by Tim Martin of 1 Harley Street, member of IDR.

A divorce coach is a relatively new form of therapy coaching resource, that legal firms and chambers are advocating to clients.

The teamwork between coach and lawyer for their valued clients, yields results that they can both capitalise on pre and post divorce.

A skilled divorce coach can make their clients lives so much simpler, and takes them away from the clients emotions leaving the practitioner to concentrate on the ‘business of applying the law’ to the clients best advantage

Another huge advantage of having a Divorce coach work alongside the team is that they are not ‘compromised’ by the legalities necessarily, and can be utilised to guide the client in a holistic way. So that the client is clear headed, objective and well placed to be in the best place as a witness

The traits of a Divorce coach that enhances the legal teams’ performance, is an individual who has a great wealth of life experience and relationships. They may have previously had a career in the legal system, police service / social services etc.

It will help if they have had extensive training in therapeutic services such as cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, talking therapy,counselling. Above all they need to be able to be resilient, non judgmental and intuitive.

There are few professional academic courses that offer such training. However Tim Martin of 1 Harley Street, is currently teaching a select number of individuals, with the values and attributes as mentioned above to be qualified and accredited to be recognised by the law society as such.

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