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Marlon Pinto



Risk & Security Investigations
Covert Surveillance
Criminal Investigations
Civil Litigation
Private Prosecution
Cryptocurrency Crime

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Marlon Pinto

Cryptocurrency Crime Specialist & Expert In Covert Surveillance

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Marlon is Director of Investigations at Another Day; a risk, security and investigations company based in London and the Middle East. Marlon is a former detective from the Flying Squad, an elite police unit from New Scotland Yard in London.

Marlon is also an expert in covert surveillance, having been trained to the highest level in the UK, and has regularly provided advice and practical expertise to policing and counter terrorism operations and training across the country. Marlon has also conducted numerous covert surveillance deployments in support of criminal investigations and civil litigation, gathering overwhelming evidence in the process.

Marlon regularly uses this expertise in criminal investigations, and he brings a wealth of knowledge in covert investigative methodology and also the gathering, handling and dissemination of highly sensitive information and intelligence. Marlon has also successfully conducted numerous criminal private prosecutions, working closely with law firms in gathering overwhelming evidence to secure convictions.

Marlon has extensive experience working on complex due diligence tasks in the Middle East and beyond, including using open source analytics to carry out stakeholder mapping, handling sources in sensitive jurisdictions, and carrying out judicial investigations into serious crime.

Marlon is also a specialist in cryptocurrency crime, working with victims and specialist law firms in conducting conventional and technical investigations, alongside tracking of cryptocurrency, to identify those responsible and recover stolen assets.

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Director of Investigations, based in both London and the Middle East.


Cryptocurrency Specialist & Expert In Covert Surveillance

Former detective from the Flying Squad, an elite police unit from New Scotland Yard in London.



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