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John Stocker



John is qualified to undertake Direct Public Access work.

John has practised exclusively in his field since the early 1990s, and has also qualified as an arbitrator in respect to finance.

John specialises in complex and high value cases

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John Stocker

Family Finance Specialist

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John specialises in complex and high value cases across the entire range of family-related financial disputes. His expertise includes applications for financial remedies by spouses and/or children following divorce or civil partnership dissolution; applications for financial remedies for children by unmarried parents pursuant to Schedule 1 to the Children Act 1989, as well as property disputes between unmarried cohabitants pursuant to the Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act (TOLATA) 1996.

He also acts for third parties (interveners) who may have an interest that they seek to protect in divorce proceedings, such as parents and/or siblings of the divorcing couple, as well as trustees and/or corporate entities by whom relevant property may be owned.

John has practised exclusively in this field since the early 1990s. He is well-known and well-respected across the profession, and has very considerable specialist knowledge and experience. His work encompasses both court-based resolution and alternative (non-court-based) dispute resolution.

Hard-working and thorough, John combines first rate legal knowledge with a mastery of the papers. He has an excellent grasp of figures and is able to cut straight to the crux of the problem. Combined with his strong judgement, this enables him to give straight, no frills, objective advice, whether welcome or not. He has built a reputation for being measured and realistic, but forceful when necessary. Unfailingly courteous and empathetic, he aims to lead his clients calmly through to a resolution of what can otherwise be a stressful experience.

John is qualified to undertake Direct Public Access work in appropriate cases, and does so regularly, both in conference and at court (including final hearings).

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LLB, Exeter University

LLM, Cambridge University

Family Law Bar Association


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