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All You Need To Know About: ADR

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Using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has become increasingly more common over the years, as it allows problems to be solved without the need of going to court, and therefore comes with many advantages. We have put together some of the advantages of using ADR to resolve your disputes:

  • All ADR processes are strictly private, and confidential; no one outside of the process has access to the outcome of the settlement award.
  • By reducing the time spent in resolving the dispute, this can significantly reduce the amount of legal fees spent on inter party correspondence.
  • As the process is not reliant on court timetables and availability, ADR can be much quicker; in fact, some methods of ADR can result in settlements being agreed in as little as 6-8 weeks.
  • Divorce parties can choose who will oversee their negotiations and settlement, ensuring they are relevant to the key issues in your dispute.
  • As the process is driven by the separating couple, the process can be paused or sped up at any time if their circumstances change.
  • Increase party autonomy as parties are free to devise the most efficient procedures for their dispute.
  • ADR aims to try and reduce the stress and emotional harm on separating couples and their children that they may potentially face with a court process.
  • There is a much wider range of outcomes with ADR than with courts, which can produce a solution that satisfies both sides. ADR encourages people in disputes to come to an agreement which reflects the best possible outcome for all involved.
Despite the increase in alternative dispute resolutions to resolve disputes out of court, and also the many advantages that comes with using ADR, a recent survey showed that only 35% of lawyers meeting with their clients explained the different ways to stay out of court, which highlights that there is still limited awareness of out of court dispute resolution in family law proceedings.


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