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Tax Enquiries and Investigations

Our core team has over 60 years combined experience in dealing with tax investigations.

Our Tax Investigation Services

We can fully support your needs in the following areas of compliance:


Vetted and qualified Tax Investigation support services.

Tax enquiries are becoming increasingly common and can result in significant financial cost if not handled correctly.  Experience, technical knowledge, careful negotiation and advice can often make a huge difference to the final tax liability, penalties and charges. If you are under enquiry by either HMRC or the NCA, or wish to make a voluntary tax disclosure, our IDR tax specialists have over 60 years of combined experience in dealing with investigations and voluntary disclosures. They can manage the full process on your behalf or advise you on the very best strategy to approach. We at  IDR promise to do our very best to help reduce the anxiety and stress throughout the process and then secure the optimum solution for you and your business. Please contact us with a description of your requirements and we can discuss the options available to you.

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