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Criminal Defence

Our IDR team held senior investigative roles in the National Crime Agency and HMRC. They are fully qualified and have extensive experience in providing expert forensic accounting reports in cases of alleged fraud, HMRC prosecutions and POCA criminal cases including giving expert evidence at trial.

How we can help with Criminal Defence

Criminal Fraud

Forensic accountancy reports can be prepared either in response to an expert’s report prepared on behalf the prosecution or to challenge the charges laid. Our IDR Consultants have prepared reports covering a broad spectrum of cases including tax evasion (including MTIC fraud) and offences under the Fraud Act.

The Prosecution will make various assumptions when preparing their cases and is it essential that such assumptions are critically examined and challenged where appropriate.

Proceeds of Crime Following Conviction

Our IDR Consultants are frequently instructed to challenge reports prepared in post-conviction Proceeds of Crime Proceedings. Frequently, the assumptions made and conclusions drawn by the Crown in establishing the benefit of the crime can be challenged, thus reducing the benefit by substantial amounts (even occasionally reducing the figure to zero).

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Vetted and qualified Criminal Defence support services.

We provide a thorough response to Section 16 statements by the prosecution and expert reports prepared by third parties.

Our specialists have successfully reduced benefits assessed and confiscation amounts in numerous cases by analysing complex, voluminous financial data and presenting their findings and conclusions in a clear, concise way that is easily followed and understood by the Courts.

Please contact us with a description of your requirements and we can discuss the options available to you.

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